Hide.Me VPN Special Offers

Don’t waste any chance again, today is the best time to purchase Hide.me VPN! Nobody can tell if tomorrow the Malaysian VPN company would be able to come with such a great offer or not. Hide.me is currently serving their users with 15% discounts offer and that is certainly not something to miss by anyone needing of VPN protection.

Do you know how much worthy that offer is?

hideme coupon code 1A Glimpse of Hide.me VPN

Claiming themselves as a VPN which has grabbed over three million users from all around the world, Hide.me VPN does not sound exaggerating. It is probably due to their strong commitment to providing their users high-end data security and privacy. As a VPN company, that is indeed supposed to be the main concern.

Hide.me VPN has managed to protect their users’ data exchanges and communication by not keeping their logs. In other words, this disables any third party to claim possession of that data of Hide.me’s users as there is literally nothing they got in store.

hideme coupon code 3Many users view this as the best answer for their wonder to their data security level. Not only that, Hide.me VPN also offers such a stunning speed and performance. Being equipped with a great varieties of protocol options, such as PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN, each of them gives remarkable value to Hide.me’s overall performance.

In addition, there is also something called as Limit Connectivity which disables local network connectivity when VPN is active. Kill Switch feature is also available to secure your data from leakage when the connection drops.

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hideme coupon code 2There are currently two package plans you can opt to enjoy Hide.me VPN services on unlimited bandwidth. As what has been stated earlier, Hide.me is now offering 15% discount for their plans. That makes you be able to purchase their Premium plan for only about $9.92 per month or their Plus plan which costs only $4.60 per month.

For enjoying unlimited amount of data transfer, opt for the Premium plan which grants you with 5 simultaneous connections and port forwarding. While, the Plus plan comes only with 75GB data transfer capacity and no port forwarding.

Try not to miss this Hide.me VPN promo code or you will regret your own decision later.