How to use NordVPN to unblock YouTube

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YouTube has over a billion users watching the content uploaded through a huge user base. You possibly have already experienced YouTube one way or another, whether that is to find your favorite sports highlights, movie clips, or the hottest tracks from your much loved DJ. 

Unluckily, copyright holders may limit the content you can view based on your place due to copyright laws. Further nations such as Iran, China and other administrations greatly engaged in online censorship have been known to block famous video site for their own bad reasons.

With these occurrences are unlucky if you are residing in these nations, there is a way to unblock YouTube video. NordVPN! VPNs permits you to mask your PC place, providing you access to blocked content that you could otherwise be missing.

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How does a NordVPN unblock YouTube?

You may have heard of a VPN before, but are not they meant initially encrypt any data? While this is fully real, when you connect to a NordVPN server, you are selecting a place that will essentially service as your mailing address on the internet. Therefore, selecting VPN server in another nation will permit you access YouTube videos that may be blocked in your country.

Once you have register and installed your picked VPN, you have the option to select a place to connect to. Connecting to a U.K. or U.S is probably the top choice to unblock YouTube, as most limitations appear outside these 2 countries.

And that is it! You should be set to watch your preferred YouTube videos, no matter where you might be placed.


NordVPN is a remarkable full service, those looking for full anonymity will be happy to view that they accept Bitcoin as a payment technique, while they are twin encrypt data by default.

While not the top option when think about speed, NordVPN is still a best choice for unblocking famous video sites, principally if you are worried about privacy over everything else.

Unblocking YouTube: Is it legal

Being too secure is never an issue, so ensure you select a VPN supplier who maintains no logs, while limitless bandwidth is also the standard if you are scheduling on watching a lot of YouTube videos.

Selecting one of the VPN providers from the above list will provide you not just necessary privacy but also the speed and unlimited bandwidth required for streaming your favorite videos.